Research lines

Heat Sources

This research line will try to understand the heat source nature of different geothermal systems and the mechanisms of heat transfer to the environment and its influence on the circulation of hydrothermal fluids.

The aims of this research line are to provide answers to the following first-order questions:

  • How long magma-derived heat sources can survive to sustain geothermal systems?
  • How mechanisms of heat and mass transfer to the country rocks operate?

Miguel Ángel Parada, PhD.

Fluid and isotopic geochemistry

Geothermal fluids are the mode of transport for the deep heat of Earth to the surface; these fluids may be from an aqueous, liquid or gas origin. To make the most of the fluid potential, geothermal power plants should be tailored to the characteristics of the reservoir, the temperature and the fluid’s physical state (liquid or steam).

The study of the geochemistry of these fluids allows tracing its origin and evolution in order to establish a reservoir model. At the same time, it contributes to estimate the reservoir’s geothermal potential and to establish other factors relevant to the operation of the power plant, for instance, to determine the mineral precipitation in pipes, among others.

In the last five years, this research line has provided scientific background to model geothermal systems in the Andean Cordillera. Our plan is to continue our activities with special emphasis on:

  • Research projects in active and fossil geothermal systems.
  • Applied research projects with direct impacts on exploration and exploitation of geothermal fluids.

Martin Reich, PhD.

Heat-Water-Rock Interaction

This research line will study the effects of hot fluids that reside or flow through an area of rock that becomes highly altered as a result. Hydrothermal alteration can be widespread in a volcanic setting because the input of heat and fluids from the volcanoes.

The main objectives of this research line are to better constrain the physico-chemical conditions of high- to low-temperature fluid-rock interaction in geothermal fields, by investigating the stability of alteration minerals together with the kinetic constraints of reactions (e.g. varying fluid conditions, duration of heating, the effect of rock strain, etc.). This research line will focus on mineral alteration in active and fossil geothermal systems using X-ray diffraction (XRD), Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometry, scanning and transmission electron microscopy (SEM and HR-TEM) and chemical microanalysis (EDX and EMPA). Chemical (elemental and isotopic) mobility associated with heat-waterrock interactions will also be studied.


Diego Morata, PhD

Structural Geology and Tectonics

This research line will aim to delineate the late Cenozoic three-dimensional geometry and strain fields, elucidate relations between faults, stratigraphic features, and thermal aquifers, and constrain stress orientations. A comprehensive analysis of the Chilean Andes has significant potential for characterizing both the structural setting (strain and stress fields) and structural controls on geothermal reservoirs. The structural and geophysical observations and interpretations elucidated by these studies will serve, in conjunction with results from the other Research Lines, to define geothermal reservoir models that will result in improved exploration guidelines for new sources of geothermal energy in Chile and the Andean Cordillera.


José Cembrano, PhD.

Reservoir architecture and modelling

One of the most important elements of geothermal energy systems is the presence of suitable aquifers in contact with geothermal heat sources. Consequently, establishing the nature of rocks that could be acting as reservoirs in geothermal systems will be one of the main scientific goals to develop during the second period.

This research line will seek to provide answers to the following main goals:

  • Identify potential reservoirs in exploration areas or geothermal systems.
  • Define the basement influence on the reservoir characteristics.
  • Investigate the interaction between reservoirs and surface drainage systems.
  • Develop numerical models to implement geothermal energy under different use conditions.

The final goal of this research line will be the construction of 3D models using all available geological, geophysical and geochemical data as a way to a better understand the whole geothermal system in 3D.


Jacobus Le Roux, PhD


CEGA seeks to provide scientific background to model geothermal systems in the Andes mountain rage. We aim to develop interdisciplinary projects, increasing the collaborative work between the Centre and other academic and public institutions, as well as industry.

CEGA currently develops some specific hight-enthalpy (temperatures above 150˚C) and low-enthalpy geothermal projects (temperatures lower than 90ºC). Although high enthalpy systems are the most interesting to produce electricity, there are a whole series of initiatives of geothermal direct use (district heating, greenhouses, aquiculture, timber industry, etc) that improve quality of life of citizens and the main productive sectors of Chile.

This project seeks to understand the behavior of the Cerro Pabellón geothermal system, the first South American geothermal power plant.
For this purpose, a study of the rhyolitic domes will be executed, in order to understand the nature of the heat source that will feed the power plant.
This investigation is part of a bigger project that includes other geothermal systems located in northern Chile.
In this research CEGA will work with the University of Urbino (Italy) and Enel Green Power, who owns Cerro Pabellón project.

Diego Morata, PhD.
(56 2) 2978 4539

Estimating low-enthalpy geothermal energy potential for district heating in Santiago basine Chile

During 2012 and 2013, CEGA and the Department of Geology of the University of Chile, assessed the geothermal potential in the Santiago and Talca basins, both high energy-demand areas. This research was funded by the Ministry of Energy (Chile).

The main goal of this project was to determine thermal parameters such as heat flow, geothermal gradient, and wells thermal conductivity, existing in the Santiago and Talca basins. Also, define areas with thermal anomalies in their subsoil.

The analysis allowed to determine that most favorable areas for using this type of energy, are where the static level is less deep. In both basins, the most favorable zone are located towards the west sector, where the maximum drilling of about 120mt is required.

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

Dimensión humana y social de la geotermia

Desarrollar proyectos aplicados, estudios y herramientas de investigación asociadas a la efectiva integración de dimensiones sociales y culturales que interactúan en el uso de geotermia.


Sofía Vargas


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NamePresentation titleName of participantsCity/CountryYear
World Geothermal CongressCrustal Deformation Effects on the Chemical Evolution of Geothermal Systems: Case Studies from Southern Andes Sanchez-Alfaro, P., Pérez-Flores, P., Tardani, D., Reich, M., Arancibia, G., Cembrano, JMelbourne, Australia20152015-10-11 16:00:16
World Geothermal CongressGeological and Tectonic Settings Preventing High-Temperature Geothermal Reservoir Development at Mt. Villarrica (Southern Volcanic Zone): Clay Mineralogy and Sulfate-Isotope GeothermometryHeld, S., Schill, E., Sanchez-Alfaro, P., Neumann, T., Emmerich, K., Morata, DMelbourne, Australia20152015-10-11 15:59:52
World Geothermal CongressFighting the Information Gap and the Steam Monster: the Chilean Experience on Geothermal OutreachOtero, SofíaMelbourne, Australia20152015-10-11 15:59:21
World Geothermal CongressIgneous Related Geothermal Resource in the Chilean AndesAravena, D.; Villalón, I.; Sánchez, PMelbourne, Australia20152015-10-11 15:58:37
World Geothermal Congress"HR-TEM studies in geothermal alteration mineralogy: from the nano scale to conceptual models"Morata, D.; Vázquez, M.; Nieto, F.Melbourne, Australia20152015-10-11 15:57:50
World Geothermal Congress"Estimating Low-Enthalpy Geothermal Potential for District Heating in Santiago Basin (33.5°S), Central Chile"Garat, P.; Muñoz, M.; Flores-Aqueveque, V.; Rebolledo, S.; Vargas, G.; Morata, D.; Parada., M.A.Melbourne, Australia20152015-10-11 15:57:27
World Geothermal CongressRadiogenic Heat Production and Heat Flow in Talca Basin (35.5°S), Central ChileMuñoz, M.; Morales, C.; Parada, M.A.; Morata, D.; Flores, V.; Vargas, G.; Rebolledo, S.Melbourne, Australia20152015-10-11 15:57:01
World Geothermal CongressGeothermal Exploration in Chile: Country UpdateLahsen, A.; Rojas, J.; Morata, D.; Aravena, D.Melbourne, Australia20152015-10-11 15:56:31
World Geothermal CongressExploration for High-Temperature Geothermal Resources in the Andean Countries of South AmericaLahsen, A.; Rojas, J.; Morata, D.; Aravena, D.Melbourne, Australia20152015-10-11 15:56:07
Fourtieth Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir EngineeringExperimental Studies of Rayleigh-Bénard-Darcy Convection at High Rayleigh Number. An Analogous Representation of a Convective Geothermal System Letelier, J., Herrera, P.; Mujica, N.; Ortega, J.Stanford, California20152015-10-11 15:55:37
Euroclay quadrennial meeting Evolution of clay mineral assemblages out of equilibrium in the Tolhuaca geothermal field, Southern Chile., Vázquez, M., Morata, D., Reich, M., Arancibia, G. , Sánchez, P., Nieto, F. Edinburgh, UK20152015-10-11 15:55:12
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Goldschmidt ConferenceThe Trace Element Signature of Pyrite from the Los Colorados Iron Oxide Apatite (IOA) Deposit: A Missing Link between IOA and IOCG Systems?Reich, M, Simon, A, Deditius, A, Chryssoulis, S, Tardani, D, Barra, F, Knipping, J, Bilenker, L & Sanchez-Alfaro, PPrague, Czech Republic20152015-10-11 15:53:14
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Goldschmidt ConferenceDiverse Origins for PGE Nanoparticles in Mantle MineralsGonzalez-Jimenez, J.M., Reich, M.Prague, Czech Republic20152015-10-11 15:52:28
Goldschmidt ConferenceRe-Os isotopes in Andean IOCGs and IOA depositsF. Barra, D. Selby, M. Reich, A.C. SimonPrague, Czech Republic20152015-10-11 15:52:07
Goldschmidt ConferenceNatural and anthropogenic iodine in natural waters from the Atacama Desert: sources and cycling of iodine in a continental margin F. Alvarez, M. Reich, A. Perez, G. SnyderPrague, Czech Republic20152015-10-11 15:51:43
Goldschmidt ConferenceThe optimal pathways leading to earthquake-enhanced gold precipitation in the epithermal environmentP. Sanchez-Alfaro, M. Reich, T. Driesner, G. Arancibia, P. Perez-Flores, J. Cembrano, J. Rowland, and C. HeinrichPrague, Czech Republic20152015-10-11 15:51:17
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Goldschmidt ConferenceGeochemistry of precious metals and metalloids in silica sinter deposits from Puchuldiza, northern Chile: implications for metal transport and precipitation in high-altitud active geothermal environmentsC .Sanchez-Yanez, M. Reich, D. Morata, M. Leisen, F. Barra Prague, Czech Republic20152015-10-11 15:50:30
Goldschmidt ConferenceDisentangling the impact of evaporitic deposits and saline lakes in thermal waters from the Chilean Altiplano using d7Li, d11B, 87Sr/86Sr, and trace element geochemistryL. V. Lagos, L. Godfrey, M. Reich, L. Achurra, D. Morata, I. AguirrePrague, Czech Republic20152015-10-11 15:50:05
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XI Congreso Chileno de sismología e Ingeniería Sísmica, ACHISINA 2015Fallas Corticales en Chile y sus implicaciones en la evaluación del Peligro SísmicoSantibañez, I., Cembrano, J., Yañez, G., Gonzalez, G., Arancibia, G., Cortes, J. , García, T. Santiago, Chile20152015-10-11 15:46:32
XIV Congreso Geológico Chileno21st Century Neotectonic Fault Behaviour observations: implications for Circum Pacific seismic hazardDe Pascale, GLa Serena, Chile20152015-10-10 23:51:50
XIV Congreso Geológico ChilenoOblique subduction and strain partitioning: Tectonic role of margin-parallel and margin-transverse structures at the Southern Volcanic Zone of the AndesStanton-Yonge, A., Cembrano,J.; Griffith, W.A.. St. Julien, RLa Serena, Chile20152015-10-10 23:50:40
XIV Congreso Geológico ChilenoMapeo en detalle de estructuras geológicas mediante el uso de vehículos aéreos no tripulados (drones): un ejemplo en el Sistema de Falla de Atacama, norte de Chile. Gomila, R.; Arancibia, G.; Veloso, E. La Serena, Chile20152015-10-10 23:49:46
XIV Congreso Geológico ChilenoFault zones permeability structure within the brittle crust: Microstructural estimations at the time of fracture sealing. Gomila R.; Arancibia, G.; Mitchell, T.; Cembrano, J.; Faulkner, D. La Serena, Chile20152015-10-10 23:49:25
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XIV Congreso Geológico ChilenoEstudio textural mediante SEM-CL en minerales de alteración en el Sistema Geotermal Tolhuaca, IX Región de la Araucanía, ChileAlvear, B.; Morat, D.; Reich, M.; Moncada, D.; Arancibia, G.; Leisen, M.La Serena, Chile20152015-10-10 23:09:13
XIV Congreso Geológico ChilenoGeocronología U-Pb en circones de la Ignimbrita PudahuelPineda, C.; Morata, D.; Leissen, M.; Barra, F.La Serena, Chile20152015-10-10 23:08:49
XIV Congreso Geológico ChilenoVolcanismo dacítico en la Zona Volcánica Sur de los Andes: caso del Vn. Quetrupillán (39°30´S).Brahm, R., Parada, M.A. Morgado, E., Contreras, C. La Serena, Chile20152015-10-10 23:08:28
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XIV Congreso Geológico Chileno Late-stage extraction of silicic material in a shallow magma reservoir, La Gloria pluton, central Chile.Aravena, A., Gutiérrez, F., Payacán, I., Parada, M.A.La Serena, Chile20152015-10-10 23:07:29
XIV Congreso Geológico ChilenoSistemas volcánicos cercanos, parientes lejanos: similitudes y diferencias entre los reservorios de los Centros Eruptivos Menores Caburgua-Huelemolle y el volcán Villarrica.Morgado, E., Parada, M- A., Contreras, C., Castruccio, A., McGee, L.La Serena, Chile20152015-10-10 23:07:00
XIV Congreso Geológico ChilenoHydrogeochemical characterization of thermal springs, Los Lagos, ChileRuiz, B.; Morata, D.; Rojas, J.La Serena, Chile20152015-10-10 23:06:38
XIV Congreso Geológico ChilenoHidrogeoquímica de fuentes termales en ambientes salinos relacionados con salares en los Andes del norte de ChileLagos, l.; Godfrey, L.; Reich, M., Achurra, L.; Morata, D.; Aguirre, I., Mayorga, C.La Serena, Chile20152015-10-10 23:06:14
XIV Congreso Geológico ChilenoThe geothermal system of Copahue-Caviahue volcanic complex (Argentina): new insights from self-potential, CO2 and temperature measurements, with structural and fluid circulationsRoulleau, E.; Pizarro, M.; Bravo, F.; Muñoz, C.; Sánchez, J.; de la Cal, F.; Esteban, C.La Serena, Chile20152015-10-10 23:05:49
XIV Congreso Geológico ChilenoQuantification and origin of the intracrystalline deformation of olivine from basalts of the Andean Southern Volcanic Zone: a multidisciplinary study.Vinet, N.; Molina, P.; Houde, V.; Flemming, R.L.; Morgado, E., Barra, F.; Morata, D.La Serena, Chile20152015-10-10 23:05:25
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XIV Congreso Geológico ChilenoEvolución Vulcanológica y Tectónica del Área del Cordón Volcánico Cerro del Azufre – Cerro de Inacaliri y su Relación con el Sistema Geotérmico de Pampa Apacheta, II Región de Antofagasta, ChileRivera, G.; Morata, D.; Ramírez, C.La Serena, Chile20152015-10-10 23:03:25
XIV Congreso Geológico ChilenoFluids in the Alhué gold mining district, ChileMoncada, D.;De Pascale, G.; Reich, M.; Barra, F.; Morata, D.; Calderón, C.; González, J.; González, H.; Mundaca, P.La Serena, Chile20152015-10-10 23:03:01
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XIV Congreso Geológico ChilenoGeocronología U-Pb de Circones Mediante Ablación Láser Acoplado a un ICP-MS Multicolector: Metodología Utilizada en el Laboratorio de Geoquímica Isotópica del Centro Fondap CEGA, Universidad de Chile Leisen, M.; Barra, F.; Romero, R.; Morata, D.; Reich, M.La Serena, Chile20152015-10-10 23:00:55
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XIV Congreso Geológico ChilenoDistrict heating by groundwater heat pump in a social integration housing project located in Puente Alto, central ChileRodriguez, V.; Muñoz, M.; Frederick, R.; Maturana, B.La Serena, Chile20152015-10-10 22:59:20
XIV Congreso Geológico ChilenoAnálisis técnico-económico de generación de potencia eléctrica a partir de 3 recursos geotermales de ChileMaripangui, R.; Valencia, A.; Morata, D.; Maripangui, L. La Serena, Chile20152015-10-10 22:58:57
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22nd Electromagnetic induction workshopElectrical resistivity model of the Lastarria volcano (Central Andes).Díaz, D.; Zamudio, FWeimar, germany20152015-10-10 22:51:36
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II Seminario de Geoparques y Geoturismo, CHILEGabrodiorita del Cerro La Campana: Propuesta de Geositio y Proyecto de Geoparque en el Parque Nacional La Campana.Palape, Camilo J., Molina, Pablo G., Boyce, Daniel.Olmué, Chile20142014-10-10 22:35:05
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Stanford Geothermal WorkshopEffects of Volcanism, Crustal Thickness, and Large Scale Faulting on the He Isotope Signatures of Geothermal Systems in ChilePatrick F. DOBSON, B. Mack KENNEDY, Martin REICH, Pablo SANCHEZ, and Diego MORATAStanford, California/USA20132013-10-10 22:22:37
Congreso Internacional de Comunicación Pública de la CienciaComunicando Ciencia Candente: La Difusión de la Geotermia en ChileSofía Otero Rosario/Argentina20132013-10-10 22:22:17
Congreso Internacional de Comunicación Pública de la CienciaNarrativas efectivas para comunicar ciencia al público infantilSofía Otero Rosario/Argentina20132013-10-10 22:21:54
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II Congreso Internacional de Geotermia, ACHEGEO 2013Study of the hydrogeologic disturbances on the thermal structure of shallow Santiago – type basins through numerical modeling. Preliminary resultsGramusset, A.; Herrera, P.Santiago/Chile20132013-10-10 22:20:18
International Conference on Mercury as a Global PollutantGaseous Elemental Mercury (GEM) from mining areas and volcanic and geothermal systems in some Mediterranean areas: a preliminary studyCabassi,J., Vaselli,O., Tassi, F., Calabrese,S., Nocentini,M., Capecchiacci,F., Nisi,B., Benavente,O., Rappuoli, D.Edinburgh/U.K.20132013-10-10 22:19:58
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Stanford Geothermal WorkshopEffects of Volcanism, Crustal Thickness, and Large Scale Faulting on the He Isotope Signatures of Geothermal Systems in ChilePatrick F. Dobson, B. Mack Kennedy, Martin Reich, Pablo Sanchez, and Diego MorataStanford, California/USA20132013-10-10 22:19:15
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IAVCEI 2013 Scientific AssemblyPetrology and thermochronology of the Juan Fernández Ridge (Nazca Plate)Javier Reyes, Luis E. LaraKagoshima/Japan20132013-10-10 22:18:30
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IAVCEI 2013 Scientific AssemblyGeological evidence of a post-shield stage at the Juan Fernández Ridge (Nazca Plate)Luis E. Lara, Javier Reyes, Mirella Piña-Gauthier, Gabriel OrozcoKagoshima/Japan20132013-10-10 22:15:57
IAVCEI 2013 Scientific AssemblyThe evolution of the dimensions and morphology of lava flows from a volcano: A case study on the Lonquimay Volcanic Complex, Southern Andes of ChileGho, R., Castruccio, A.Kagoshima/Japan20132013-10-10 22:15:33
IAVCEI 2013 Scientific Assembly"Dynamical regime and advance rate of lava flows using its deposit characteristics: 2 cases from the Lonquimay and Villarrica volcanoes, Southern Andes of Chile"Contreras, M.A., Castruccio, A.Kagoshima/Japan20132013-10-10 22:15:12
Geosur 2013 International geological congress on the southern hemisphereMagmatic evolution and age progression of the Juan Fernández Ridge (Nazca Plate, SE Pacific)Javier Reyes, Luis E. Lara, Mirella Piña-Gauthier, Gabriel OrozcoViña del Mar/Chile20132013-10-10 22:14:47
Geosur 2013 International geological congress on the southern hemisphereIn the Paleoenviromental reconstruction, estimation of  Paleo Equilibrium Line Altitud in Central Andes, case of  El Volcán BasinMaria José Herrera Ossandón*1,2, Alejandro Santis3 and Gabriel Vargas1,2Viña del Mar/Chile20132013-10-10 22:14:26
Geosur 2013 International geological congress on the southern hemisphereDynamic of historical lava flows of the Lonquimay and Villarrica volcanoes, Southern Andes of ChileContreras, M.A., Castruccio, A.Viña del Mar/Chile20132013-10-10 22:14:00
Geosur 2013 International geological congress on the southern hemisphereUnraveling the La Campana gabbro cumulate emplacement conditions and host-rock metamorphism, Coastal Range, Central Chile. Molina, P., Soto, M.F., Parada, M.A., Gutiérrez, F.Viña del Mar/Chile20132013-10-10 22:13:39
Geosur 2013 International geological congress on the southern hemisphereTime, space and compositional background of main geological units in southernmost Chile: a perspective from GIS Mauricio Calderón*1, Francisco Hervé1,2, C. Mark Fanning3 and María José Herrera1Viña del Mar/Chile20132013-10-10 22:13:16
Geosur 2013 International geological congress on the southern hemisphereEstimation of mass transfer through the isomass methodology: a new mobility evaluation of chemical species, during a laumontite-saturated geothermal waters alteration of a Miocene lava flowCalderón S., Aguirre L., Montecinos P., Benavente O., Gutiérrez F. and Townley BViña del Mar/Chile20132013-10-10 22:12:54
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Geosur 2013 International geological congress on the southern hemisphere Sedimentology, provenance and geochronology of the Late Cretaceous-Paleogene Purilactis Group in the Salar de Atacama Basin, northern Chile: Preliminary results.Bascuñan, S., Arriagada, C., Le Roux, J.P. Viña del Mar/Chile20132013-10-10 22:12:09
Geosur 2013 International geological congress on the southern hemisphereAn exceptionally preserved fossil flora of the Río Leona Formation in the Sierra Baguales, Magallanes, Chile: insights into the Early Neogene Patagonian Ecosystems. Torres, T., Gutiérrez, N.M., Bostelmann, J.E., Le Roux, J.P., Oyarzún, J.L., Ugalde, R., Otero, R., Hervé, F. Viña del Mar/Chile20132013-10-10 22:11:35
Geosur 2013 International geological congress on the southern hemisphereCases from the Lonquimay and Villarrica volcanoes, Southern Andes of ChileVladimir Vicencio and Martin ReichVina del Mar, Chile20132013-10-10 22:11:09
American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall MeetingThe damage and geochemical signature of a crustal scale strike-slip fault zone Gomila,R., Mitchell, T.M., Arancibia, G., Siles, E.J., Rempe, M., Cembrano, J.M., Faulkner, D. San Francisco/USA20132013-10-10 22:10:40
American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall MeetingFluid inclusion evidence of post-seismic fluid flow induced by dynamic ruptureKazuna Fujita, Thomas M Mitchell, Jose M Cembrano, Kenichi Hoshino, Pamela Perez-Flores, Dan Faulkner, Gloria Arancibia, Rodrigo Gomila, Marieke RempeSan Francisco/USA20132013-10-10 22:10:15
American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall MeetingHydrothermal alteration in an exhumed crustal fault zone: geochemical mobility in the Caleta Coloso Fault, Atacama Fault System, Northern Chile Arancibia,G., Fujita,K., Hoshino,K., Mitchell, T., Cembrano, J., Gomila, R., Morata, D., Faulkner,D., Rempe, M.San Francisco/USA20132013-10-10 22:09:52
American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall MeetingThe cosmogenic iodine and stable chromium isotopic signal of Atacama's giant nitrate depositsMartin Reich, 2, Alida Perez-Fodich,, Fernanda Alvarez, Glen Tritch Snyder, Ronny Schoenberg, Yasuyuki Muramatsu, Gabriel Vargas, Udo FehnSan Francisco, California, US20132013-10-10 22:09:32
American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall MeetingSalt Profile in Sedimentary Deposits: an archive of past climate and tectonicsTao Sun, Huiming Bao, Martin ReichSan Francisco, California, US20132013-10-10 22:09:10
American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall MeetingEvaluating the Metal Source(s) of Iron Oxide-Copper-Gold (IOCG) Deposits Adam Simon, Laura Bilenker, Craig Lundstrom, Martin Reich, Fernando BarraSan Francisco, California, US20132013-10-10 22:08:46
American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall MeetingOblique-to-the-orogen fault systems and it causal relationship with volcanism and geothermal activity in Central and Patagonian Andes: Insights on ENE and NW regional lineamentsGerd SielfeldSan Francisco/USA20132013-10-10 22:08:24
American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall MeetingTectonics, magmatism and fluid flow in a transtensional strike-slip setting: The northern termination of the Liquiñe-Ofqui fault System, Chile... Abstract T23E-2643.José M Cembrano, Pamela Perez-Flores, Pablo Sánchez, Gerd Sielfeld. San Francisco/USA20132013-10-10 22:07:40
American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall MeetingPotential for a large earthquake rupture of the San Ramón fault in Santiago, Chile.Vargas G., Klinger Y., Rockwell TK., Forman S.L., Rebolledo S., Lacassin R., Armijo R.San Francisco/USA20132013-10-10 22:07:21
American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall MeetingAssessing giant tsunamigenic subduction earthquakes in the Northern Chile Seismic Gap during the last two millenniaVargas G., Ruiz S., Leyton F., Abrahami R., Le Roux, J., Pantoja S. Lange C., Contreras-Reyes E., Campos JSan Francisco/USA20132013-10-10 22:06:58
American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall MeetingCrustal Faults in the Chilean Andes: Tectonic significance and implications for geologic hazard. Abstract T43A-2631. Santibanez,I.Cembrano,J. Gonzalez,G.,Aron,F.,Yañez, G. San Francisco/USA20132013-10-10 22:06:37
American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall MeetingSample-scale zircon geochemical and geochronological heterogeneities as indicators of residual liquid in¬filtration in the Caleu Pluton, Central Chile.Molina, P., Parada, M.A., Gutiérrez, F., Ma., Changqiang, Li. Jianwei, Liu, Yuanyuan.San Francisco/USA20132013-10-10 22:06:16
American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall MeetingThe fractal behavior of crystal distribution of La Gloria Pluton, Chile. Gutiérrez F., Payacán I, Pasten, D., Aravena, A., Gelman, S., Bachmann, O., Parada, M.San Francisco/USA20132013-10-10 22:05:55
American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall MeetingMagma flow recorded by magmatic and magnetic fabrics in a shallow granitic pluton: La Gloria Pluton, Central Chile.Payacán, I., Gutiérrez, F., Gelman, S. E., Bachmann, O., Parada, M. A.San Francisco/USA20132013-10-10 22:05:25
American Geophysical Union (AGU) Meeting of the AmericasThe interplay between fault-fracture networks activity, fluid flow and mineralization in the Andes: A case study in the Tolhuaca geothermal system, southern ChilePablo Sanchez, Pamela Perez-Flores, Martin Reich, Gloria Arancibia, Jose M CembranoCancún, Mexico20132013-10-10 22:05:04
American Geophysical Union (AGU) Meeting of the AmericasSource and sinks of natural and anthropogenic iodine in the hyperarid Atacama Desert of northern ChileFernanda Alvarez, Alida Perez, Glen Snyder, Gabriel Vargas, Yasuyuki Muramatsu, Martin ReichCancún, Mexico20132013-10-10 22:04:42
American Geophysical Union (AGU) Meeting of AmericasTectonics, magmatism and fluid flow in a transtensional strike-slip setting: The northern termination of the dextral strike-slip Liquiñe-Ofqui fault System.. 2013. Chile. Abstract V53A-08Perez-Flores,P., Sanchez, P, Sielfeld G. Cembrano JCancún, Mexico20132013-10-10 22:04:21
American Geophysical Union (AGU) Meeting of AmericasConstraining the magma flow record based on magmatic and magnetic data in La Gloria Pluton, central Chile. Gutiérrez, F., Payacán, I., Pastén D.Cancún, Mexico20132013-10-10 22:03:44
IAVCEI 2013 Scientific AssemblyGeochemistry of geothermal fluids in the active Liquiñe-Ofqui Fault System (Southern Andes Volcanic Zone, Chile). Tardani,D. Sanchez,P., Perez-Flores,P.Reich, M. Tassi,F. Capaccioni,B. Chiodini,G. Vaselli, O. Kagoshima, Japan20132013-10-10 22:03:22
IAVCEI 2013 General Assembly.Dynamical regime and advance rate of lava flows using its deposit characteristics: 2 cases from the Lonquimay and Villarrica volcanoes, Southern Andes of Chile.Contreras, M.A., Castruccio, A. Kagoshima, Japan20132013-10-10 22:02:58
IAVCEI 2013 General Assembly.The evolution of the dimensions and morphology of lava flows from a volcano: A case study on the Lonquimay Volcanic Complex, Southern Andes of Chile. Gho, R., Castruccio, A. Kagoshima, Japan20132013-10-10 22:02:36
Goldschmidt ConferenceThe microstructure and trace metal geochemistry of pyrite from porphyry Cu depositsM. Reich, A. Deditius and F. BarraFlorence, Italy20132013-10-10 22:02:13
Goldschmidt ConferenceThe influence of fault-fracture network activity on fluid geochemistry and mineral precipitation at the Tolhuaca geothermal system, southern ChileP. Sanchez, P. Perez, M. Reich, G. Arancibia, J,. Cembrano, E. Campos, S. LohmarFlorence, Italy20132013-10-10 22:01:45
Goldschmidt ConferenceFerrian chromite formation in podiform chromitites from south- central ChileF. Barra, F. Gervilla and M. ReichFlorence, Italy20132013-10-10 22:01:24
Goldschmidt ConferenceThe role of groundwater in the formation of the giant nitrate deposits of Atacama: Iodine-129 and stable chromium isotopic evidenceA. Perez-Fodich, F. Alvarez, G.T. Snyder, R. Schoenberg and M. ReichFlorence, Italy20132013-10-10 22:01:01
Goldschmidt ConferenceSource and sinks of iodine in the hyperarid Atacama Desert of northern ChileF. Alvarez, A. Perez, G.T. Snyder, G. Vargas, Y . Muramatsu and M. ReichFlorence, Italy20132013-10-10 22:00:37
New Zealand Geothermal Workshop 2013The relation of environmental conditions and physico- chemical characteristics of thermal water with the nature of their siliceous sinter deposits at El Tatio, Chile.Constanza Nicolau, Martin Reich and Bridget LynneRotorua, New Zealand20132013-10-10 22:00:18
New Zealand Geothermal Workshop 2013 Modelling hydrothermal fluid flow in a high andean settingO’Sullivan, J.; Vidal,A.;Yañez,G.; Muñoz, JRotorua, New Zealand20132013-10-10 21:59:54
World Student Enviromental SummitUniversity teaching: creating sustainable SystemsGabriela PedrerosLüneberg, Germany20132013-10-10 21:59:30
Proceedings 38 Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering,Effects of volcanism, crustal thickness, and large scale faulting on the He isotope signatures of geothermal systems in Chile.Dobson, P.; Kennedy, B.M.; Reich, M.; Sánchez, P.; Morata, D.Stanford University, Stanford, California20132013-10-10 21:59:07
Astrobio 2013 MeetingAttendeeCamilo SánchezSantiago, Chile20132013-10-10 21:58:45
XI Congreso de Mineralogía y MetalogeniaSan Agustín olivine alkali-basalt, Sierra de Valle Fértil, San Juan: petrography and preliminary petrogenetic implications.Castro de Machuca, B.; Gimena López, M.; Morata, D. San Juan, Argentina20132013-10-10 21:58:19
XXI Congreso Chileno de Ingeniería HidráulicaEl uso de CO2 como una futura alternativa para la geotermia en el norte de Chile.Letelier, J., P. Herrera, N. Mujica, J. Ortega20132013-10-10 21:57:57
XIX Congreso Geológico ArgentinoEstratigrafía, Sedimentología y Geocronología de las Formaciones Tonel, Purilactis y Barros Arana en la cuenca del Salar de Atacama (22°-23°S), Chile. 3. Bascuñan, S., Arriagada, C., Le Roux, J.PCórdoba, Argentina20132013-10-10 21:57:34
8th Workshop on Volcanic Lakes – IAVCEI-CLVPreliminary geochemical investigation of Tupungatito and Planchon-Peteroa hyperacidic crater lakesBenavente, O., Tassi, F., Aguilera, F., Agusto, H., Caselli, A., Guitierrez, F., Vaselli, O., Reich, M.Komamoto/Hokkaido, Japan20132013-10-10 21:57:12
Proyecto 170 años, 170 aulas uChile¿Qué es la geotermia de baja entalpía?Flores.V, Muñoz.MTalca/Chile20132013-10-10 21:56:51
Semana Nacional de la Ciencia y la Tecnología ExploraTaller de Geotermia para escolaresGerd SielfeldSantiago/Chile20132013-10-10 21:56:27
Uranium-series SymposiumU-Th dating of vein calcite: preliminary results from geothermal systems in the Chilean Patagonia Lucy E McGee, Martin Reich, Fernando Barra, Mathieu Leisen, Diego MorataSydney, Australia20132013-10-10 21:56:04
Workshop on Data Handling in LA-ICPMS U-Th-Pb GeochronologyAttendeeFernando BarraCharleston, SC, US20132013-10-10 21:55:42
Jornada Geotérmica Universidad de ConcepciónGeoquímica de fluidos como herramienta de exploración geotérmicaFelipe AguileraConcepción/Chile 20132013-10-10 21:55:23
Thermodynamics of geothermal fluids – Pre-Goldschmidt MSA Short CourseAttendeePablo SanchezFlorence, Italy20132013-10-10 21:54:34
Iolite Workshop 2013: software for the deconvolution of time resolved analytical dataAttendeeMathieu LeisenFlorence, Italy20132013-10-10 21:54:31
On-site MC-ICP-MS Thermo training for Neptune Plus usersAttendeeMathie Leisen and Lucy McGeeSantiago, Chile20132013-10-10 21:53:49
Seminario Generación Eléctrica en Chile: Mitos y Realidades. Geotermia y Energía SolarEstado del escenario geotérmico nacionalDiego MorataSantiago/Chile20132013-10-10 21:53:23
El desafío Energético hacia una matriz limpia y sustentableGeotermia en ChileDiego MorataCopiapó/Chile20132013-10-10 21:53:01
Seminarios Recursos Hídricos y Medio Ambiente de la Facultad de Ciencias Físicas y Matemáticas UchileChile país geotérmico: ¿realidad o ilusión?Diego MorataSantiago/Chile20132013-10-10 21:52:39
Geotermia: Barreras e incertidumbres en el desarrollo de proyectosEl Centro de Excelencia de Los Andes y el desarrollo de la geotermia en ChileDiego MorataSantiago/Chile20132013-10-10 21:52:13
Energía Geotérmica en Chile: Situación Actual y en la Región de Arica-ParinacotaGeotermia en ChileDiego MorataArica/Chile20132013-10-10 21:51:51
Iniciativas de fortalecimiento de la capacidad para asegurar el desarrollo continuo de la geotermiaGeotermia en ChileDiego MorataSantiago/Chile20132013-10-10 21:51:23
Moving forwards to consolidate future cooperation in the S&T SectorGeothermal Research in ChileDiego MorataSantiago/Chile20132013-10-10 21:50:52
Jornada Geotérmica Universidad de ConcepciónControl tectónico en sistemas geotermales: Andes Centrales y PatagónicosGerd SielfeldConcepción/Chile20132013-10-10 21:50:26
Society of Economic Geologists (SEG) Annual MeetingAwardee - received the 2013 Waldemar Lindgren AwardMartin ReichWhistler, Canada20132013-10-10 21:49:52
American Geophysical Union – AGU fall meetingThe Serpentinites from the Coastal Cordillera of South-Central Chile - A Preliminary ReportFernando Barra, Jaime Barne2, Martin ReichSan Francisco, California/USA20122012-10-10 21:48:03
American Geophysical Union – AGU fall meetingThe feedback between active tectonics, fluid flow and mineralization in an Andean geotermal reservoirMartin Reich, G. Arancibia, P. Pérez, P. Sanchez, J. Cembrano, J. Stimac and S. LohmarSan Francisco, California/USA20122012-10-10 21:47:41
American Geophysical Union – AGU fall meetingLate magmatic stage of the zoned Caleu pluton (Central Chile): insights from zircon crystallization conditions.Pablo Guillermo Molina, Miguel Ángel Parada, Francisco J. Gutierrez, Ma Chang-Qiang, Li Jianwei, Liu YuanyuanSan Francisco, California/USA20122012-10-10 21:47:20
American Geophysical Union – AGU fall meetingNumerical simulations of late-stage magma flow in La Gloria pluton, central Chile.Francisco J Gutierrez, Italo Payacan, Olivier Bachmann, Miguel Ángel Parada.San Francisco, California/USA20122012-10-10 21:46:57
American Geophysical Union – AGU fall meetingConsistent magmatic and magnetic anisotropy data in La Gloria Pluton, central Chile: Implications for the magma flow record in a shallow pluton. Italo Payacan, Francisco J Gutierrez, Olivier Bachmann, Miguel Ángel Parada.San Francisco, California/USA20122012-10-10 21:46:35
American Geophysical Union – AGU fall meetingA novel Lagrangian approach for simulating solute mixing in heterogeneous porous media.Herrera, P. & J. Cortínez San Francisco, California/USA20122012-10-10 21:46:10
Gordon Research Conference: Geochemistry of Mineral DepositsPyrite as a record of hydrothermal fluid evolution in porphyry copper systems: A SIMS/EMPA trace element study of the Dexing deposit, ChinaMartin Reich, A. Deditius, S. Chryssoulis, J.W. Li, C.Q. Ma, F. Barra and M.A. ParadaAndover, New Hampshire/USA20122012-10-10 21:45:46
34th International Geological CongressNew finding of peralkaline volcanism in the eastern margin of the Sierra de Valle Fértil, Western Sierras Pampeanas, NW ArgentinaCastro de Machuca, B.; Pontoriero, S.; Conte-Grandi, A.; Morata, D., López, M.G.; Domínguez, J.P.Brisbane, Australia20122012-10-10 21:45:27
Society of Economic Geologists (SEG) Annual MeetingIodine in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile: new insights from supergene Cu and nitrate “caliche” depositsMartin Reich*, G. Snyder, A. Perez, F. Alvarez, C. Palacios and G. VargasLima, Perú20122012-10-10 21:45:04
XIX International ConferenceComputational Methods in Water ResourcesA Multiscale Lagrangian Approach for the Numerical Simulation of Solute Mixing in Heterogeneous Porous Media.Herrera, P., J. Cortínez and R. BeckieUrbana, IL, USA.20122012-10-10 21:44:39
36th GRC Annual MeetingAssessment of exploitable geothermal resources using magmatic heat transfer methodA.Lahsen, D.AravenaReno/ EE.UU.20122012-10-10 21:44:09
Chilean International Renewable Energy CongressEstado de Investigación y Desarrollo de la geotermia en Chile D.MorataViña del Mar/Chile20122012-10-10 21:43:30
European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2012Geomorphological analysis, monitoring and modeling of large rock avalanches in Northern Chile (Iquique area) for regional hazard assessment. paper EGU2012-8925Yugsi Molina, F.X., Hermanns, R.L., Crosta, G.B., Delhs, J., Sossio, R., Sepúlveda, S.A.20122012-10-10 21:43:03
GSA Cordilleran MeetingA methodological proposal for modeling copper wad distribution in the Lomas Bayas ore deposit, Northern Chile.A. Rojas Pardo, E. Campos, M. Diaz, D. Vega.Querétaro, México20122012-10-10 21:42:41
EGU General Assembly 2012. GMPV1.6/VGP5/ERE3.5Ore formation in porphyry-type deposits during incrementally built magma chamber and fluid sparging. J.L. Vigneresse, O. Bachmann, C. Huber, A. Parmigiani. E. Campos.20122012-10-10 21:42:22
XVI Peruvian Geological Congress and SEG 2012 Conference.Hydrothermal fluid evolution and controls of hypogene mineralization at the Escondida porphyry copper deposit revealed by quartz cathodoluminescence and fluid inclusion microthermometry. Karl Riveros, Eduardo Campos, Jamie Wilkinson y Anton Kearsley. 20122012-10-10 21:42:04
XVI Peruvian Geological Congress and SEG 2012 Conference.Copper Wad Mineralization in the Lomas Bayas Deposit, Northern Chile.Eduardo Campos, María Soledad Bembow, Andrea Rojas Pardo, Giorgo Realini y David Vega.20122012-10-10 21:41:20
XVI Peruvian Geological Congress and SEG 2012 ConferenceExotic Cu Mineralization in the Centinela District: Evolution and Climatic Change During the Neogene in the Atacama Desert (Northern Chile). Miguel Tapia, Rodrigo Riquelme, Eduardo Campos, Carlos Marquardt, Constantino Mpodozis, Rodrigo Mora, y Carlos Münchmeyer. 20122012-10-10 21:40:37
XIII Chilean Geological CongressLos Sistemas hidrotermales de Chile central (33-36°S)Benavente O., Aguilera F., Gutiérrez F., Tassi F., Reich M., Vaselli O.Antofagasta, Chile20122012-10-10 21:40:08
XIII Chilean Geological CongressEl sistema magmático-hidrotermal asociado al volcán Tupungatito, Región Metropolitana, ChileBenavente O., Gutiérrez F., Aguilera F., Reich M., Tassi F., Vaselli O. Antofagasta, Chile20122012-10-10 21:39:33
XIII Chilean Geological CongressFluids Geochemistry from Planchón-Peteroa-Azufre volcanic Complex, Southern Volcanic Zone, ChileSaltori O., Aguilera F., Augusto M., Benavente O., Tassi F., Caselli A., Gutiérrez F., Pizarro M.Antofagasta, Chile20122012-10-10 21:39:02
XIII Chilean Geological CongressEruptive activity of Peteroa Volcano for period 2010-2011, Southern Volcanic Zone, ChileAguilera F., Romero J., Gutiérrez F., Augusto M., Saltori O., Benavente O., Caselli A., Pizarro M.Antofagasta, Chile20122012-10-10 21:37:02
XIII Chilean Geological CongressThe relation between the physico-chemical characteristics of thermal water and the nature of their siliceous sinter depositsConstanza Nicolau del Roure, Martin Reich, Bridget Y. LynneAntofagasta, Chile20122012-10-10 21:36:39
XIII Chilean Geological CongressSilica sinter textures in El Tatio geothermal field, Chile: preliminary results on flow reconstructionBridget Y. Lynne, Diego Morata, Martin Reich and Constanza NicolauAntofagasta, Chile20122012-10-10 21:36:14
XIII Chilean Geological CongressThe origin of the nitrate ore fields from the Atacama Desert revisited: New insights from the iodine-129 and stable chromium isotopic systemsAlida Perez Fodich, Fernanda Alvarez, Martin Reich, Glen Snyder, Ronny Schoenberg, Gabriel VargasAntofagasta, Chile20122012-10-10 21:35:49
XIII Chilean Geological CongressOrigen del Yodo en el Desierto de Atacama: 129I como trazador de fluidos en Procesos Geodin‡micosFernanda Alvarez, Alida Perez, Glen Snyder, Gabriel Vargas, Yasuyuki Muramatsu, Carlos Palacios, Martin Reich.Antofagasta, Chile20122012-10-10 21:35:25
XIII Chilean Geological CongressEfectos de la deformacion cortical en la evolucion quimica de los fluidos geotermales: Caso estudio Villarrica-Chihuio, Sistema de Falla Liquine-OfquiPablo Sánchez, Pamela Pérez, Gloria Arancibia, José Cembrano, Martin ReichAntofagasta, Chile20122012-10-10 21:34:55
XIII Chilean Geological CongressIsotopos de Re-Os en Cromitas Masivas del area de La Cabana, Region de La Araucania, ChileElkin M. Hernandez Rios, Fernando Barra, Richard Walker, Martin ReichAntofagasta, Chile20122012-10-10 21:34:34
XIII Chilean Geological CongressCaracterizacion Mineralogica e Isotopos Estables de Cl de Serpentinitas del Centro-Sur de ChileEduardo Salazar, Rurik Romero, Fernando Barra, Jamie Barnes, Martin ReichAntofagasta, Chile20122012-10-10 21:34:06
XIII Chilean Geological CongressIodine remobilization and supergene enrichment of copper at ChuquicamataMartin Reich, Glen Snyder, Fernanda Alvarez, Alida Perez, Carlos Palacios, Gabriel VargasAntofagasta, Chile20122012-10-10 21:33:45
XIII Chilean Geological CongressSampling and detailed structural mapping of veins, fault- veins and faults from Tolhuaca Geothermal System, Southern ChilePamela Pérez, Pablo Sanchez, Gloria Arancibia, José Cembrano, Eugenio E. Veloso, Silke Lohmar, Jim Stimac, Martin Reich y Juan RubilarAntofagasta, Chile20122012-10-10 21:33:18
XIII Chilean Geological CongressNuevos antecedentes geológicos y geoquímicos del yacimiento tipo IOCG Casualidad, Distrito Sierra Overa, II Región de Antofagasta, ChileP. KOVACIC*, F. BARRA, D. MORATA, F. TORNOS, A. CERDAAntofagasta, Chile20122012-10-10 21:32:57
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoPolarización Inducida para determinar niveles de arcilla en reservorio geotermal de Juncalito, III Región: Resultados Preliminares.Ambrus, D., Yáñez, G., Díaz, D., García, K.Antofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:32:33
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoEstructura Geoeléctrica utilizando el método MT en Juncalito, III Región: Resultados Preliminares. XIII Congreso Geológico Chileno, 05-09.08.2012, Antofagasta, Chile. Abstracts 585-587.García, K., Ambrus, D., Díaz, D., Yáñez, G.Antofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:32:30
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoElementos trazas y temperaturas de cristalización en circones del Plutón Caleu, V región, Chile: implicancias petrogenéticas.Pablo G. Molina, Miguel A. Parada, Chanqiang Ma, Jianwei Li, Yuanyuan Liu.Antofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:31:46
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoInterpretation of the origin of the magnetic fabric of La Gloria Pluton, Central Chile (33°S).Payacán, I., Gutiérrez, F. y Poblete, F.Antofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:31:21
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoImplementación de un sistema de aprovechamiento geotérmico de baja entalpía en anclajes de nuevo edificio de la Escuela de Ingeniería de la Universidad de Chile. VII Congreso Chileno de Geotecnia, 28-30 noviembre, Concepción, Chile.Toledo, M., R. Moffat, P. Herrera, G. Guggisberg, M. MuñozAntofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:30:56
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoModelación numérica de un sistema experimental de pilotes geotérmicos implementado en el nuevo edificio de la Escuela de Ingeniería de la Universidad de ChileFranco, A., M. Toledo, R. Moffat, P. Herrera Antofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:30:54
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoImplementación de un sistema de aprovechamiento geotérmico de baja entalpía en el sistema de entibación del nuevo edificio de l aEscuela de Ingeniería de la Universidad de Chile. Toledo, M., R. Moffat, P. Herrera, G. Guggisberg, M. MuñozAntofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:30:07
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoReconstrucción de las variaciones glaciares Holocenas en Cordillera Darwin, Patagonia. Primeros antecedentes obtenidos en terreno.Araos, J., Le Roux, J.P.Antofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:29:37
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoA revised lithostratigraphy of the Sierra Baguales, Magallanes Basin.Bostelmann, E., Le Roux, J.P., Vásquez, A., Gutiérrez, N., Oyarzún, J.L., Carreño, C., Torres, T., Otero, R., Llanos, A., Fanning, C.M., Nielsen, S.N., Hervé, F.Antofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:29:15
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoAre the La Pampa Gneisses remnants of the Chilenia basement?.Alvarez, J.; Mpodozis, C.; García-Casco, A.; Blanco-Quintero, I.F.; Morata, D.Antofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:28:51
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoMedical Computer X-Ray Tomography Scan (CT-Scan) in geothermal research: a 3D methodology to understand primary and secondary porosity.Calderón, S.; Morata, D.; Zapata, V.Antofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:28:24
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoPetrography and geochemistry of alkaline basalts from the Sierra de Valle Fértil, Western Sierras Pampeanas, Argentina. Castro de Machuca, B.; L+opez, M.G.; Morata, D.; Conter-Grand, A.; Pontoriero, S.; Domínguez, J.P.Antofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:28:00
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoEvolución geológica, geocronológica y petrológica del Complejo Volcánico Quimsachata-Aroma, Altiplano de Iquique. Correa, N.; Morata, D.; Clavero, J.; Arcos, R.Antofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:27:39
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoMineralogía de alteración en el pozo Pte-1, campo geotermal Tinguiririca, ChileDroguett, B.; Morata, D.; Clavero, J.; Pineda, G.; Morales, S.; Carrillo, F.J.Antofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:27:14
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoAcercamiento comparativo a la determinación de la dirección de flujo magmático en los diques máficos del Complejo Plutónico Illapel. Ferrando, R.; Hidalgo, C.; Morata, D.; Roperch, P.; Arriagada, C.Antofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:26:55
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoGranitoid textures using CL-petrography: examples from the Illapel Intrusive suite, Chile. Higgins, M.D.; Morata, D.Antofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:26:35
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoParámetros termales en el subsuelo de la cuenca de Santiago: metodología y primeros resultados.Muñoz, M.; Flores-Aqueveque, V.; Grammusset, A.; Vargas, G.; Rebolledo, S.; Sepúlveda, S.; Parada, M.A.; Morata, D.Antofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:26:14
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoEvidencias geoquímicas y geofísicas de la existencia de un manto litosférico Mesoproterozoico bajo el Macizo del Deseado, Patagonia. Schilling, M.; Carlson, R.; Tassara, A.; Conceicao, G.B.; Jalowitsky, T.; Gervasoni, F.; Vásquez, M.; Morata, D.Antofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:25:47
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoFinal results of geochemical characterization of the breathable particulate material in the airo of Santiago (Chile): impact on public health. Valdés, A.; Zanobetti, A.; Morata, D.; Shwartz, J.Antofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:25:20
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoP-T conditions of crystallization of mafic microgranular enclaves from the Illapel Plutonic Complex (IPC). Varas, M.I.; Morata, D.; Higgins, M.Antofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:24:53
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoGeología y Estructura del distrito El Espino: Inversión tectónica de una cuenca Cretácica y su posible relación con el prospecto IOCG Homónimo, Comuna de Illapel, Chile.Del Real, I., Arriagada, C., Martinez, F. Antofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:23:40
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoCaracterísticas de los sistemas compresivos, desarrollados a lo largo del segmento de subducción “Pampeano” en el norte de Chile (28º-29ºS), Andes Centrales.Martínez, F., Arriagada, C., Peña, M., Becerra, J., Henríquez, S.Antofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:23:32
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoEvidencias de Inversión Tectónica Eocena-Oligocena de la Cuenca de Arauco.Becerra, J. Contreras Reyes, E., Martínez, F., Henríquez, S., Arriagada, C.Antofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:22:52
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoSección cortical entre la Cuenca del Salar de Atacama y la Cordillera Oriental: Implicancias para la evolución tectónica de los Andes Centrales. Henríquez, S., Arriagada, C., Becerra, J., Martínez, F., Peña, M.Antofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:22:27
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoPermanent Forearc Extension and Seismic Segmentation: Insights from the 2010 Maule Earthquaque, ChileF. Aron, R. W. Allmendinger, J. Cembrano, G. Gonzalez, G.YañezAntofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:22:03
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoCanal de Subducción en márgenes afectados por erosión tectónica: método combinado de modelos análogos y PIVF. Albert, A. Tassara, N. KukowskiAntofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:21:41
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoStructural geology of the active forearc above the Maule Megathrust: traces of a long-lived subduction segmentF. Aron, J.cembrano, R.W. Allmendinger, F.Astudillo, G.ArancibiaAntofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:20:44
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoPetrografía y geoquímica de xenolitos mantélicos del volcán Auvernia (plioceno-pleistoceno), provincia de Santa Cruz, Patagonia ArgentinaM. Vásquez, M. Schilling, D.MorataAntofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:20:14
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoModelo de deformación cortical profunda a través de la transecta Maipo-Tunuyán, Andes Centrales Sur, 33º40's L. Giambiagi, A. TassaraAntofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:19:53
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoSlope and Climate variability control of erosion in the Andes of Central ChileSc. Carretier, Vr. Regard, RV. Vassallo, GA. Aguilar, JM. Martinod, R.R. Riquielme, E.P. Pepin, R.C. Charrier, G.H. Hérail, M.F. Farias, JLG. Guyot, GV Vargas, Cl LaganeAntofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:19:32
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoEstilos estructurales en el yacimiento El TenienteJ. Seguel, C. Arriagada, J. Becerra, F. Martinez, D.A. Carrizo, R. FloodyAntofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:19:07
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoHacia una actualización del modelo estructural de la Mina El TenienteC.Arriagada, J.Seguel, J.Becerra, F.Martinez, S.Enriquez, D.CarrizoAntofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:18:44
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoCaracterísticas de los sistemas compresivos desarrollados a lo largo del segmento de subducción "Pampeano" en el norte de Chile (28º-29ºS) Andes Centrales FJ Martinez, C.Arriagada, M.Peña, J.Becera, S.HanríquezAntofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:18:21
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoCronología del último máximo glacial y registro del Younger Dryas en Los Andes de SantiagoM.Herrera, G.Vargas, S.SepúlvedaAntofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:17:56
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoComparación entre el terremoto Mw=8,8 del 27 de febrero de 2010 y su predecesor de 1835J. Quezada, E. Jaque, A. Fernandez, A. Belmonte, C. MartínezAntofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:17:29
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoSegmentación sísmica vertical en el centro sur de ChileJ.Quezada, F.Torrejón, E.Jaque, A.fernández, A.belmonte, C.Martinez.Antofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:17:05
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoLongitud de ruptura del terremoto Mw=8,8 del 27 de febrero de 2010 en el centro-sur de Chile Jorge Quezada, Edilia Jaque, Alfonso Fernández, Arturo Belmonte, Carolina MartínezAntofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:16:34
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoAumento térmico y composicional de las aguas cratéricas del Volcán Copahue registradas durante el año 2012 (Neuquén, Argentina)A.Caselli, M.Augusto, B.Capacconi, F.tassi, G. Chiodini, D.TardaniAntofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:16:20
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoCartografía de fallas submarinas activas en la península de MejillonesJ.González, G.Vargas, G.GonzálezAntofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:14:48
XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoNueva metodología para la evaluación regional de peligros volcánicos: ejemplo de la zona norte de ChileA.Amigo, D.bertin, G.OrozcoAntofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:14:17
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XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoEvaluación del peligro de remoción en masa en el desplazamiento de San José de Maipo, Chile Central S.Sepúlveda, S.Rebolledo, A.Alfaro, M.Lara, R.Moffat, D.PetleyAntofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:13:13
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XIII Congreso Geológico ChilenoEvaluación de potencial geotérmico explotable mediante método de transferencia de calor magmático, región del Maule, zona volcánica sur, ChileD.AravenaAntofagasta/Chile20122012-10-10 21:11:09
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I Festival de Ingeniería y Ciencias FCFMTaller de GeotermiaV. Flores A., M.MuñozSantiago/Chile20122012-10-10 19:20:49
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11th Biennial Meeting of the Society for Geology Applied to Mineral DepositsMagmatic-hydrothermal system associated to Planchón-Peteroa and Descabezado Grande-Quizapu-Cerro Azul volcanic complexes.Benavente, O., Gutierrez, F.Antofagasta, Chile20112011-10-10 09:21:41
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Name of studentThesis titleTutor's NameUniversityYear
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Name of studentThesis titleTutor's NameUniversityGradoYear
Camilo SánchezKinetics effects on silica precipitation in high altitude geothermal systemsMartin ReichUCHMagíster20162016-10-10 08:29:11
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NameResearch topicTutor's NameStarting YearEnding Year
(Español) Dr. Jaime Araya(Español) Multiscale geophysical characterization of geological factors controlling the distribution of geothermal systems in the Chilean Andes.(Español) José Cembrano/ Gonzalo Yáñez.20172017-05-22 16:02:16
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Dr. Nicolas VinetMagma degassing/Olivine deformation in lavas/Crystal size distributionsFernando Barra201320162013-10-10 07:06:42
Dra. Emilie RoulleauNoble gas geochemistry of geothermal/hydrothermal systems Martin Reich and Fernando Barra2013June 20162013-06-01 07:06:09
Dra. Lucy McGeeU-series disequilibrium applications to geothermal geochronology and monogenetic eruption rates/magma sourcesMartin Reich and Fernando Barra2013April 20162013-04-01 07:05:35
Dr. Mathieu LeisenFluid inclusion geochemistry and LA-MC-ICP-MS applications to geothermal systems geochronologyFernando Barra and Martin Reich2013February 20162013-02-01 07:04:41
Dra. Mercedes VázquezDevelopment of methodologies for clay mineral studies in geothermal alterationDiego Morata20122012-10-10 07:04:01
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Dr. Mohammad Ayaz AlamFluid geochemistry of geothermal systems in southern Chile (geothermal systems related to the Liquiñe-Ofqui Fault System). Miguel Angel Parada200920122009-10-10 06:55:31