CEGA joins the first meeting of the geothermal roundtable

Thursday, 05 de January

The activity is part of the actions led by the Ministry of Energy and the World Bank to promote development of geothermal energy.

Last December 22nd, the “Geothermal Roundtable” was officially inaugurated. The activity aims to analyze the real situation of this resource in the country and focus in projects interested in generating electricity with geothermal energy.

The initiative, led by the Ministry of Energy, the World Bank, Fundación Chile and the Energy Center of the University of Chile, includes five workshops that gather different members from industry, public sector and academia, among which it is the Andean Geothermal Center of Excellence (CEGA)

During the first meeting, topics such as Chile’s geothermal potential, geographic location, megawatts (MW) installed and investment costs associated to exploration, development and construction of a geothermal power plant were reviewed. One of the agreements made by CEGA on this point, was to share the data related with other areas where electricity could be generated.

CEGA`s director, Diego Morata, explains that this initiative seeks to reach consensus on the current scenario of this resource: “It is a unique meeting because for the first time different actors will discuss issues such as geothermal potential or the real investment costs. This process will incorporate the experience of companies with exploration and exploitation concession, and also the experience of those that are providing some specific service. This will allow to calculate how much costs to generate geothermal power megawatts, a calculation that until now has been done in quite a vague manner in Chile”.

With all the information collected, a simulation model will be designed to calculate the impact of geothermal energy integration into the Chilean electricity system. The Energy Center will develop this proposal to estimate the effects of geothermal energy incorporation.

The next meeting is scheduled on January 16.

All the information will be available on the Ministry of Energy website www.minenergia.cl/mesa-geotermia