CEGA participates in a meeting with the Minister of Energy seeking greater prominence of geothermal energy

Wednesday, 07 de March

Geothermal energy plays a critical role in the replacement of coal (dirty and non-local) in the energy matrix. This idea was one of the critical approaches that CEGA made to the final report of the Geothermal Board report, as geothermal is the only local source capable of delivering clean and constant supply.

(CEGA, March 7th) Last Monday a meeting was held between the (now former) Minister of Energy, Andrés Rebolledo, and members of the Geothermal Board, a technical entity supported by the World Bank, which brought together several experts in the area during 2017. The work of the Board, which proposed to identify geothermal progress and challenges to analyze its impact in the energy matrix, culminated in January 2018 with the delivery of a report that addresses the current state of the sector and how new policies could be generated in order to promote its growth.