CEGA was awarded with funding to create a cooperation research program in geothermalwith New Zealand

Monday, 26 de September

The International Cooperation Program from Conicyt awarded CEGA a funding to promote a research alliance with the Geothermal Institute from the University of Auckland.

The initiative aims to develop an exchange program between researcher from CEGA and the Geothermal Institute (NZ), develop specific joint research projects between both institutions, short courses for graduate students in Chile taught by New Zealand experts and student mobility programs for graduates. In this regard, Diego Morata, Director of CEGA and project leader states: “New Zealand is a country with high installed capacity in geothermal energy. It is a country that can be considered model of how research and development of geothermal energy is raised. It is a country with a wide and long experience in teaching, research and development of geothermal energy. In particular, the Geothermal Institute from the University of Auckland is the main institution in the country to develop research programs and training of human resources in relation to geothermal. Therefore, to work together with this institution will allow us to develop exchange programs Chile-New Zealand to improve the current status with regard to research and training of human resources in geothermal “.

The project includes an amount of M$16 (chilean pesos) in the course of a year, allowing the local research team to acquire new methodologies to apply to the national reality in projects that can demonstrate the multiple benefits of geothermal energy, increasing sensitivity in society and showing real experiences of using geothermal energy in its various aspects