CEGA and Ministry of Energy form an alliance to promote geothermal energy among indigenous leaders

Tuesday, 05 de September

(CEGA, August 3, 2017) The “Specific Collaboration Agreement for the Development of Geothermal Training Initiatives for Indigenous Leaders” between the Ministry of Energy and CEGA was signed in July. The agreement contemplates the execution of 6 workshops in the north and south of Chile with leaders of indigenous communities, about the characteristics and uses of geothermal energy.


“This is a strategic alliance to promote knowledge of geothermal energy. This work is based on CEGA’s commitment to be a bridge between scientific research and communities. The fieldwork will be aimed at listening to communities, understanding their concerns and being able to resolve their doubts and questions about the use of geothermal energy with the focus on direct” said Sofía Vargas, researcher of Social area of the CEGA


The initiative is part of the actions proposed in the framework of the Indigenous Energy Policy 2050 of the Ministry of Energy and the implementation of the project of sustainable geothermal development carried out by the Ministry of Energy, AGCI and the World Bank.