Column: 10 years looking Energy from another perspective

Monday, 16 de November

Diego Morata, director of the Center of Excellence in Geothermal of Los Andes- CEGA- University of Chile.

Almost without noticing it, in November the Andes Geothermal Center of Excellence (CEGA) celebrates ten years of existence in our country. It was at the end of 2010 when we were informed that we were one of the proposals selected for financing by the program of the Fund for Financing Research Centers in Priority Areas (FONDAP) of the former CONICYT (now ANID). During this decade we have matured, and that initial idea of ​​taking advantage of the Earth’s heat – which the volcanoes of our Andes Mountains offer us so generously for electricity generation – matured and took shape, until it was the main reason for research. from our center.