Diego Morata showed the developments made by CEGA in the Región de Los Ríos to IECO students and other universities

Monday, 04 de April

The director of CEGA, between March 27th and April 2, hosted the summer school and hold the Geothermal Energy Field trip day to geothermal projects: Heat generation for greenhouses – pilot projects at Coz Coz and Liquiñe”.


At the time, the IECO, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology,  Universidad Austral de Chile, Universidad de Concepción and Universidad de Chile.


In his own words, Morata said that “we are pointing in that direction that is no other to make the students to feel enthusiastic about the work of CEGA”

Geothermal gives a constant temperature and a huge opportunity to plant and harvest, 365 days a year, through heating bombs. We do have the technology in our country and we hope that, in time, the model would turn more and more replicable”