Monday, 26 de September

The IGA convenes specialists from several countries and centralizes all that is to see on issues of dissemination, training and research of geothermal resources around the world.

Diego Morata, director of the Andean Geothermal Center of Excellence (CEGA) and faculty of Geology Department of the Universidad de Chile, was elected as a new member of the IGA’S central board, an international organization with 5000 partners, that since 1998, brings together 65 countries to work for the promotion and development of geothermal energy.

His incorporation to IGA`s directory will have as main purpose to place South America in the international geothermal agenda. About this Morata says: “The challenge is to make visible how geotermal energy is being developed and promoted in this part of the world. In that sense IGA is an excellent platform, because it has a lot of influence at a political level and participates actively on decisión making at the North Hemisphere, concerning to issues such as the inclusion of renewable energies and the reduction of CO2 emissions”.

Also, he adds, IGA offers many opportunities for human resources training, such as the initiative “The Academy”, through which a group of experts in geothermal energy give courses in research institutes or universities who request it. In that sense, CEGA hopes to also offer researchers to participate in this instance.

Diego Morata will form part of the IGA`s directory for a period of four years. Next to him will be other 29 representatives of business, technical and academic world: “For the IGA’S central board the elected members are people from public institutions like the GNS, universities, companies, generally different actors of geothermal energy, countries with their own characteristics, which makes this a very relevant experience. It will certainly be of great learning and contribution to what is done in Chile”, says CEGA`s director.