Activity brings together schoolchildren and CEGA`s scientists

Monday, 05 de December

With a live streaming conference for Chilean public schools, CEGA`s researchers Diego Morata and Martin Reich performed in “Futuristic, the world changes with you”, a Ted-talk inspired conference to promote curiosity for science among children and teenagers.

As a way to stimulate scientific spirit in younger generations, the Chilean Senate’s Commission for Future Challenges organized “Futurists, the world changes with you”, a specially oriented activity for students of all the country.

CEGA`s researchers, Diego Morata and Martin Reich, faced the challenge to prepare a simple and creative speech for motivating and inspiring schoolchildren in less than 15 minutes. Students participated both on line and live in the event held at the Former National Congress Building.


For Martin Reich, the invitation was an opportunity to convey to the students about the importance of Chile’s mineral resources. As director of the Millennium Nucleus for Metals Tracing along Subduction Zones (NMTM), he focused on copper and the reasons that explain its great abundance in the country: “Lately, geological information has been too oriented over natural disasters, then children are conditioned with the idea of living in a subduction zone. That is why geothermal and minerals contribute to appreciate the constructive side of geology, with processes that generate things that are part of Chile`s wealth” says the researcher.

CEGA`s Director, Diego Morata, emphasized the importance of using geothermal energy in the country. During his talk named “How much energy do you think we could generate in Chile with more than 3000 volcanoes? he explained the different productive processes in which Earth`s heat can be used, beyond electricity generation.

“Futurists, the world changes with you”, is one of the activities that have been organized as part of the Congress of the Future, an event that since 2011 brings together scientists, researchers, politicians and Nobel laureates from around the world, to discuss the major social issues in today’s society.

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