Monday, 27 de March

Tomás Roquer, José Tomás Ovalle, and Christian Betancourt were among the 735 researchers who will receive funds from the National Science and Technology Commission (CONICYT) to continue their studies in Chile.

After applying for the 2017 National Ph.D. Scholarship, three CEGA’s graduate students will receive the financial support granted by CONICYT to complete their specialization studies in Chile. This support is also a way to multiply funds for other students, as these scholarships will allow our Center to have fresh resources to cover academic expenses for new students during a first stage of their courses.

They awarded students are Tomás Roquer, José Tomás Ovalle and Christian Betancourt, who currently have the support of CEGA to develop geothermal research projects.

Tomás Roquer attends the second semester of his Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Although he had applied for CONICYT while he was studying his master’s degree, he obtains the scholarship just this year as a Ph.D. student.

“It is important for the country to have qualified people, who afterwards will be devoted to research or innovation. I think supporting students with this funds is one of the things that have been done well the last time and that should continue with the years.”

His project, supervised by CEGA researcher, Gloria Arancibia (PhD.), seeks to evaluate and characterize the geothermal potential of the Ríos region, analyzing the relationship between the fault zone and the fluid circulation.

Another student selected by CONICYT was José Tomás Ovalle, who is currently attending the second semester of the Ph.D. in Sciences, Mention in Geology, at the University of Chile.

In addition to CONICYT’s support, he obtained the grant awarded by the Society of Economic Geologists Foundation (SEGF), an international institution that once a year provides funds to postgraduate students who specialize in earth sciences.

Beyond the scholarship, the student adds the importance of the process of applying for the scholarship. “It was important for me to prepare the application form. This is fundamental to a practice because in the future I’ll probably face other types of competitions all the time”.

José Tomas Ovalle is currently focused on understanding the genesis of the Iron-Apatite ore deposits in northern Chile. His proposal is supervised by the CEGA´s researcher, Dr. Martin Reich, and is part of the Millennium Nucleus for Metals Tracing along Subduction (NMTM), an organism with which CEGA maintains close research relations.

The third student to receive funding from CONICYT is Christian Betancourt, who attends the first semester of the Ph.D. in Science, Mention in Geology, at the University of Chile. Christian develops the study “Geothermal system associated with the volcanoes Irruputuncu and Olca: a conceptual model”, and is supervised by the CEGA´s director, Dr. Diego Morata.

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