Students from CEGA participated in the International Congress of Volcanology

Tuesday, 05 de September

PhD students Camila Pineda and Marcela Pizarro, and Master student Camila Vera participated in the IAVCEI 2017 conference held in Portland, Oregon, United States, from August 14 to 18, 2017 (link)

IAVCEI is one of the most important international scientific conferences in the field of volcanology. The theme addressed this year was “Fostering Integrative Studies on Volcanism”.

During 5 days there were presentations of planetary volcanology, Earth’s interior chemistry and eruption dynamics. Practical understanding of the environmental and social impacts of eruptions were also reviewed.


“Storage conditions of Pudahuel rhyolitic ignimbrite in central Chile”, Camila Pineda

“CO2 budget constraints of Lastarria volcano, Central Volcanic Zone, northern Chile” Marcela Pizarro

“Analogue modeling of cooling viscous lava flows” Camila Vera.

Además se presentó la investigación del estudiante de doctorado Javier Reyes: “Constrasting patterns of magmatic ascent and storage for shield and rejuvenated intraplate volcanism in Juan Fernández Ridge (Nazca Plate), SE Pacific”.