Successful call for first science outreach workshop for graduate students

Monday, 26 de September

The initiative, organized by various research centers from the University of Chile, aimed to provide basic tools to work constructively with the media and prepare science outreach projects for non-expert audiences.

The Fondap Centres  (CR)2 and CEGA, along with the Millenium Nucleus of Paleoclimate and Metal Tracers, teamed up with the Millennium Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity to deliver the first science outreach workshop for graduate students at the University of Chile. The event took place on August 14, and was organized by the communications units of the respective centers in order to provide basic tools about outreach project design and media training to young researchers.

“I am happy that so many students have participated in this initiative, because it means that new generations understand the importance of integrating different audiences to science, and build scientific knowledge with them,” said Laura Gallardo, Director of (CR) 2.
During the workshop, the attendees worked in multidisciplinary teams on how to design joint projects, present their ideas in attractive ways, and propose communication messages according with their own research lines. Gabriel Orozco, volcanologist and CEGA’s Master student said: “I found the workshop very educational, given that scientists need to communicate broadly their ideas and discoveries. It is good to know that there are tools and techniques to highlight and make visible our work, in addition to enrich the exchange with others”.