Geologists and urban artists create Santiago’s first scientific-educational mural

Friday, 08 de September

(CEGA, September 7th) Inspired by the volcanoes of Chile and the energy of the Earth, the work shows the geological processes that have been part of the evolution of The Andes mountain Range since its origins.

What are the types of volcanic eruptions? How people are linked to the energy of the Earth? What can we do with the energy that comes from the subsoil? These are some of the topics that address the four faces of the mural, painted by the Negotropic Brigade in the corner of Chile Spain street with Irarrázaval street, in the temporary walls that close the ventilation of the future subway station “Chile-Spain”, in Ñuñoa township.

The mural “Volcanes de Chile” was released in community with a guided tour of its nearly 300 m2, where geologists from CEGA went deeper into the content of the mural to relate in a conversation with neighbors and artists.