The first greenhouse in Chile heated with thermal water begins to work

Monday, 07 de June

The new system is located in the Hipólito Muñoz Hot Springs, Panguipulli, and takes direct heat from hot springs, which will allow a 70m2 greenhouse and a dryer for agricultural products and wood to be heated through pipes.

The mountainous area of ​​the Los Ríos Region, specifically Liquiñe in the Panguipulli commune, stands out for having great geothermal potential, due to dozens of upwellings with temperatures ranging from 20 ° C to 82 ° C, giving rise to the renowned hot springs , tourist source and main economic income of the place.

Aware of this great potential, the Los Ríos Regional Productive Development Corporation (CRDP) set itself the challenge of developing an experience of direct use of geothermal energy, with a focus on local economic development.