New Energy Agenda incorporates CEGA’s suggestions on geothermal development

Monday, 26 de September

President Michelle Bachelet presented the seven guiding points that will guide the government’s energy strategy for the next four years, with an emphasis on strengthening the role of the state, sustainability and the electrical connection.

Over the past month, the Ministry of Energy assembled academics, businessmen and politicians to think in concrete proposals to address the Chilean energy scenario, and CEGA’s Director, Diego Morata,  was among these participants. This participative work dynamic resulted in the new 2014-2018 Energy Agenda, which delivers measures and actions for the short, medium and long term, timetables and resources to solve the problems facing the sector. This dialogue process marked a strategic difference in how energy policy has been done in recent years, balancing the perspectives of different stakeholders in the area.

“We are at a turning point for having a diversified, balanced and sustainable energy matrix” declared the President when she introduced the agenda. Also, the Minister of Energy, Máximo Pacheco said.“It’s a document that includes a set of tasks ahead, including the legislative agenda, the filing dates of the various projects that will be required to do this job, also has the agenda of regulations that dictate necessary to move Chile forward in the energy scenario”

The new energy agenda includes seven areas which are: new role of the State which includes strengthening the National Petroleum Company (ENAP); lower energy prices through increased efficiency, competition and diversification; development of renewable energy; interconnecting improvements; promote efficiency with a goal of reducing the consumption of the expected demand by 20% by 2015; promoting investment in energy infrastructure by providing the Ministry of Energy with greater powers; improve citizen participation by socially validating the projects.

Download the full agenda here.

CEGA’s input

During the workshop held at the University of Chile in late April, CEGA proposed five basal points for the development of geothermal energy in Chile (see article), three of which were collected in the new agenda under the section promoting geothermal energy for social development. The meassurements mentioned under this section are: to improve the geothermal concessions with a new law project; to create economic tools to reduce perforation risk, and to start a program to use low enthalpy geothermal.
Inregard to this matter, CEGA’s Director, Diego Morata, says: “I was pleasantly surprised that this new agenda is so concrete. with the political costs that a strategy like this may well have. Setting deadlines and actions facilitates evaluating the results of the proposal after a while, and it shows that the will from the government to create real change in the energy sector is real”. Regarding the specific points under the geothermal development Morata says: “All our proposals were well reflected by this new agenda. Particularly we are very pleased that geothermal is considered in all its possibilities, beyond electricity production, promoting geothermal direct use.