New journal devoted to geothermal research

Monday, 26 de September

Geothermal Energy is a peer-reviewed fully open access journal published under the SpringerOpen brand, it incorporated CEGA’s dorector, Dr. Diego Morata, as the sole representative of a Latin American institution in the editorial board.

Among its attractions, the new publication stands out as an open access source of information, with no subscription fees, or barrier for download, which promises greater visibility in the dissemination of knowledge and better exposure of their authors. “This publication has extended the spectrum of possibilities for work dissemination for people who are engaged in research and development of geothermal energy. So far, the only similar publication was Geothermics, from Elsevier, which is not an open source”, says Morata. Regarding his position as a member of the editorial board he says “this appointment opens the possibilities to enhance the promotion of regional research.”

“Geothermal Energy” focuses on all components of geothermal systems, from the development of a reservoir, to the economic approach, to the operation of a plant. The journal will focus on basal and applied research needed to deploy and integrate technologies to develop geothermal energy as a key element in the future energy portfolio worldwide. The publication is open to contributions in studies of geology, geophysics, geochemistry, exploitation of geothermal fields, reservoir modeling, development of productivity improvement methods and approaches for economically competitive plant operations. The magazine is currently calling for papers for its first edition, and given the reputation of the publisher, it is expected in the short term Geothermal Energy will become an ISI publication.

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