Monday, 26 de September

Facilitate exchange between CEGA’s researchers and the Geothermal Institute of The University of Auckland was the central purpose of this initiative that, since 2014, strengthens the network of cooperation between Chile and New Zealand, seeking to incorporate learning from one of the countries with largest geothermal development and at the same time offer research challenges from unknown Andean geothermal systems.

Establish working partnerships and cooperation with world-renowned centres, is one of the objectives of the exchange programme between CEGA`s researchers and the Geothermal Institute of The University of Auckland in New Zealand, one of the most prestigious institutions in the development of research and training in geothermal energy.

This strategic alliance has been possible thanks to the National Science & Technology Commission (CONICYT) International Cooperation Program, which delivered US$ 25.000 for a two year programing of internships at the Geothermal Institute and short courses developed by New Zealand researchers in Chile.

Thanks to these funding and CEGA’s support, the postgraduate students, Pablo Sánchez and Tomás Roquer, experienced internships with kiwi researchers Bart Van Campen and Julie Rowland, respectively. The postdoctoral fellow, Juvenal Letelier, also joins this list, and he is currently developing a 6 months internship with John O’Sullivan, an expert in reservoir modeling.

About the activities carried out in Chile, the collaboration of Bridget Lynne was a highlight. She participated as a guest speaker at the Chilean Geological Congress (October 2015). Also, as part of this collaboration program, CEGA`s Director, Diego Morata, will participate in the “38th New Zealand Geothermal Workshop”, that will take place in November this year.

For Diego Morata, this initiative has powered the internationalization of the Center: “it is the seed to generate a more stable relationship in the long run. We chose the Geothermal Institute for its leadership in geothermal research, especially in what relates to reservoir modeling. In that sense, the work that Juvenal Letelier is doing with John O’Sullivan is of great importance, because John is an international reference on this subject “.

Although this program is in its final stage, CEGA will continue forging the collaboration network with other centres. In this respect Diego Morata announces: “we are looking for ways to generate alliances with countries in the rest of Latin America. In this sense, the Mexican Center for Innovation in Geothermal Energy (CeMIEGeo) is a possible ally to enhance mobility. Now we are studying ways to finance this, because while this cooperation program was a first step, two years are not enough to establish networking at the international level”.