Santiago Metro will launch first scientific mural in alliance with CEGA

Thursday, 12 de January

The Chilean Andes volcanism will inspire the artistic mural that will be able to see by those who walk around the Irarrázaval subway station, between General Bustamante and Matta Oriente streets.

Thanks to a collaboration agreement between CEGA and Santiago Metro, a 300 m2 mural about volcanoes origin and the Andes Mountain, will be painted. The work will be exhibit on the walls around the future Irarrázaval subway station. The intervention will be enabled until 2018, period when Metro hopes to finish the station`s work in the southern sector of the Bustamante Park
This work will be carry out by the “Brigada Negotrópica”, a Chilean group of artist who, for more than 20 years, have been doing street art in different cities in Chile, South America and Europe. The same group was on charge of some of the interior illustrations of the book “Tierra del Fuego”, published by Cega in 2014:

The Brigada Negotrópica is conformed by the brothers Gacitúa, Marcelo (graphic designer), Claudio (painter) and Telly (designer and visual artist). This group stands out for painting colorful murals with thick strokes, inspired by the landscape and memory of Chile and Latin America.

About the invitation to participate in this project, Telly Gacitúa says: “It is interesting because our work has been always related with the forces of nature: flora, fauna and everything that goes deeper. Using a wall for these types of issues is relevant because advertising usually prevails in these spaces, so painting something about Earth`s energies, in a very busy place of Santiago, is like a gift for us”.

This urban intervention will have the scientific support of the geologists and CEGA`S PHD students Pamela Pérez and Gerd Sielfeld. Both will work with the artists to create a mural that integrates information on the geological characteristics of Chile from north to south. The idea is transform this space into a large open-air slate, which can be visited by schools and neighbors of the area. In addition, CEGA has committed workshops with the aim of schools have the opportunity to take advantage of this space.

The mural is part of the initiatives led by the Community Relations Department of Metro de Santiago, to intervene the closures in the areas where the new stations of Line 3 are being built. This project joins to others in Plaza Chacabuco and Parque Almagro future subway stations.

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