CEGA Researchers awarded with Fondecyt 2018 projects

Friday, 29 de December

Conicyt announced the selection of Fondecyt projects from its regular and 2018 postdoctoral competition. The following CEGA researchers were awarded their proposals in the Earth Science category:
Regular Fonceyt : Gloria Arancibia: “Fault-controlled permeability and fluid flow in low-porosity crystalline rocks: A multi-scale approach for naturally fractured geothermal systems in Southern Chile”.
Postdoc Fondecyt: Jaime Araya: “The role of fluid distribution and thermal structure in the along-strike magmatic and tectonic segmentation in the Andes of northern Chile (18 ° -24 ° S)” and Juvenal Letelier: “Fluid and heat migration of an induced plume due to reinjection operations in fractured reservoirs: from laboratory scale models to natural geothermal systems ”